Friday, September 18, 2009

College Parties

ollege parties vary from school to school, but typically range from crowded dirty basements (with or without a college party theme) to huge outside blow-outs. College parties can be off campus at spring break, in frat houses, or on front porches (West Virginia University). Some schools have lawn parties with outside kegs and make shift slip and slides. Check out our college party tips to find more information on how to survive and be safe at college parties.

About College Parties

Every college party is different, but there are usually some standard things across most college parties. Typically one or many kegs are involved, drinking games are being played, and college students are enjoying sharing cold refreshing beverages with friends and classmates after lots of hard work.

Kegs at College Parties

Kegs are pretty much a must for a college party (especially if you want to do keg stands). One keg holds about 6.88 cases (24 pack) of beer. Kegs are useful because they are the cheapest way to buy large quantities of beer. Kegs are also helpful for cleanup; plastic cups are a lot easier to clean up then broken bottles.

Tip: Kegs & taps usually require a deposit, which can make buying a keg expensive. Try to collect money from all your friends ahead of time, and if you are still short on cash, consider getting a Cash Advance.

College Party Drinking Games

College drinking games are games at college parties that involve college students and alcohol. Well known college drinking games include: beer pong and flip cup and less known drinking games such as frisbeer and wisest wizard (staff). These games are played at college parties and some can become highly competitive.
Negative effects of college parties

College parties can have negative side effects such as getting hangovers, fighting, weight gain and doing things that may cause regret later. College students should know their limit when it comes to alcohol. It is important that college students know how much they can drink, so they can stay in control at all times. If you see your friend is getting too drunk (falling all over the place, sluring words) suggest you go to another party you heard was was better, and then walk them back to your place. Do it before they pass out because dead weight is really hard to carry. They will thank you later.

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